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It is important for a job applicant to remember that there are a number of different types of interviews that an individual may have to complete in order to obtain a position. In fact, the specific types of interviews that an individual will be required to complete can vary from industry to industry and employer to employer. However, one of the types of interviews that an individual is more likely to see is the behavioral interview. A behavioral interview is an interview in which an employer asks a job applicant to describe some of the situations in which he or she has used his or her skills in the past. This type of interview is based on the idea that an individual's ability to perform a task in the past can be used to predict the individual's ability to perform a similar task in the future. For example, a job applicant that is applying for a position as a supervisor might be asked to provide an example of a situation in which he or she had to resolve a conflict between two or more employees.

Answering this type of question is relatively simple, but there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. First, it is important to try to be as honest as possible when you are answering a behavioral question. This is important because a behavioral interview is designed to gather information about real situations in which you were involved and a trained interviewer will usually be able to tell if you're lying. As a result, it is usually a bad idea to make up stories because an interviewer will typically pick up on the small inconsistencies, the unrealistic outcomes, and/or the other problems with your story that may suggest that you don't have the skills that you are supposed to have.

Secondly, it is important to try to make sure that you answer each question as thoroughly as possible. This is important because each behavioral question is designed to gather information about a situation that you were in or a task that you were required to perform, the specific actions that you performed in order to complete the task or handle the situation, and the outcome that occurred as a result of your actions. This means that you must provide all of this information in order to impress an interviewer in a behavioral interview.

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