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Additional Information: What to Include and What to Omit

Some difference of opinion exists as to the value of opening a resume with a Career Objective or Qualifications Summary. Some experts consider such a statement to be a prime opportunity for job seekers to highlight their most marketable skills. A Career Objective or Qualifications Summary can be customized to fit an employer's stated requirements. Others believe that this type of statement draws attention away from the seeker's actual qualifications.

Job seekers should assess whether a well written Objective or Summary would truly give employers a clearer picture of their qualifications. If the qualifications are strong enough, they may be able to stand on their own.

Hobbies and personal interests should generally be omitted unless related to the seeker's field of interest. Volunteer work, if related to the field, can help fill out a resume short on experience. Service on an organization's governing board can be listed to demonstrate leadership experience.

References should be provided on a separate document for privacy and space reasons. The phrase "References available upon request" can be listed on the bottom of the page, but is generally not necessary. Employers will ask for this information if they wish to see it.

Height, weight, and personal measurements should be omitted. An exception would be for those individuals pursuing an acting or modeling career.

It is illegal for employers to ask for information regarding marital status, children, or religion, and the information should not be offered on a resume.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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