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Many people believe that a job applicant's part in the selection process ends with the job interview. This idea is far from the truth, however, as the actions that an individual takes after the interview can be almost as important as the interview itself. This is because an interviewer will typically have to interview a number of different applicants and it is very easy for an interviewer to forget about an applicant that disappears after the interview. As a result, it is important for an applicant to make sure that he or she follows up with the interviewer after the interview is over and one of the best ways for a job applicant to do this is to write a job interview thank you letter.

However, there are a few things about thank you letters that you should know before you send them out. First, it is important to try to send out a thank you letter as soon as the interview is over. This is important because an employer may not have a lot of time to make a hiring decision so the employer may actually receive your job interview thank you letter after the position has already been filled if you wait too long. Secondly, a thank you letter is not only an opportunity for you to show a potential employer that you are polite and interested in the job, but also an opportunity for you to emphasize the skills that will make you an excellent employee. This means that you should identify some of the characteristics that make you well-suited for the position and ultimately make you an asset to the company.

Finally, it is important to try to include information related to what you learned during the interview in a job interview thank you letter. This means that you should include the names of anyone that you talked to or were introduced to, information about products or programs that the company uses, the company's goals or plans for the future, and/or anything else that may indicate that you actually remember what the interviewer said during the interview.

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