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There are a number of ways that an individual can improve his or her chances of impressing an interviewer. In fact, it is typically wise for an individual to use several different job interview preparation methods to prepare for an interview as each method is designed to evaluate and improve a different set of skills. However, one of the best ways for a job applicant to improve his or her chances of impressing an interviewer is to work on his or her interviewing skills through a mock job interview. This is because a mock interview, or in other words a practice interview, allows an individual to practice all of the skills that he or she will need during an interview at the same time. As a result, it is important for an applicant to know how to setup a practice interview.

First, make a list of the general questions that interviewers typically ask. Then, once you have a list of the general questions that interviewers ask, use the job posting and/or the job description of the position that you are applying for to create a list of questions that are specifically related to the position. Each of these questions should be able to prove that an individual has the skills that he or she needs to perform the tasks associated with the position. This will allow you to create a realistic list of questions that you can use for your mock job interview.

Next, find another individual that is willing to be an interviewer or find a tape recorder. If you are using a real person as an interviewer, have the individual ask you the questions that you have written in whatever order he or she chooses and make it clear that he or she can rephrase the questions, modify the questions, and/or ask you to expand on your answers throughout the practice interview. If you are using a tape recorder, start at the beginning of the list and record your responses to each question in the order that they appear. Finally, once you have finished your mock job interview, ask your "interviewer" to list some of the mistakes or problems that he or she noticed during the interview. If you are using a tape recorder instead of an "interviewer", play back the tape and listen for anything in your responses that might make you sound nervous, unprofessional, or unprepared.

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