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Thank-you Notes and Emails

Despite the common knowledge that employers expect and appreciate a personalized thank-you note after an interview, most job seekers do not follow through with this extra step. You should take advantage of this one last opportunity to gain the employer's undivided attention.

Your thank-you note should use a less formal tone than a cover letter, and can be sent by email. Email has the added advantage of being received and read quicker. If you interviewed with more than one individual, for example a Human Resources recruiter and a manager, send each a copy (and address both in the note).

The note must be brief and should open by thanking the recipient(s) for the interview. Try to personalize the note by making reference to something you specifically discussed or someone you met during the interview.

Employers will expect you to promote your candidacy, but self-promotion should not be the focus. If the interviewer expressed a concern or brought up a particularly important point in the interview, briefly address it here or remind the recipient(s) of your strongest selling point.

The note should close with a restatement of your interest and an invitation for the employer to contact you further. If you are sending the note as an email, be sure to provide your full name and contact information beneath the letter body.

Click here for a sample thank-you email.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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