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The Vital Peripheries: The Heading and Education Sections

Your resume starts with your contact information. Employers must know how they can get in touch with you. List your full name, mailing address, "land-line" and cell phone numbers, email address, and fax number if available.

With few exceptions, this contact information belongs on the top of the page. It is usually center-justified, but can be flushed left or right for added effect. Savvy writers sometimes use an underscore to set this section off from the rest of the document.

For each entry in the Education section, list the degree, course of study, institution, and year the degree was received. Any specialized course of study, minor, or double-major, should also be provided as well as any honors (e.g., magna or summa cum laude) conferred upon graduation. A high school diploma should not be listed if the seeker has received a college degree.

The Education section can be constructed in reverse chronological order, or backwards from the job seeker's most advanced degree (i.e., graduate degree, then bachelor's degree, then professional certification). The seeker should choose whichever listing order highlights their most relevant credentials.

Job seekers currently in college should list the institution they are attending, major(s) and minor, degree sought, and anticipated year of graduation. They should also be sure to list such academic distinctions as a high Grade Point Average or Dean's List semesters. Any merit-based scholarship(s) may also be of interest to employers.

Job seekers with vocational certification should list their training in the same manner, including course of study, conferring institution, and year completed. It is appropriate for these seekers to list their high school diploma, unless it has been more than 15 years since graduation.

Seekers should take particular care that the information in these sections is accurate and able to withstand scrutiny.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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