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Writing your KSA Statement

A Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) statement is a narrative statement relating your knowledge, skills, and abilities to the requirements of a Federal agency job posting. In effect, you are expected to state whether you are qualified for the posting, and why.

KSA statements are "scored" according to their match to the exact requirements of the posting. In fact, your experience rating will be based solely on the score derived from your KSA statement (not the information contained in your resume). Your first step in writing your KSA statement, therefore, should be to read the posting carefully.

Make note of the posting's key requirements and how they are worded. As much as possible, you should strive to incorporate the exact words and phrases into your statement. Awards and recognition are viewed favorably and should be mentioned when relevant.

Thoroughness is essential to any Federal job application, and you must be certain to address every requirement referenced on the posting. Also, you must substantiate your claim to each skill by explaining how you acquired it, where, and when. At the same time, however, you must not stray too far off topic as this will distract the scorer.

Although not required for all Federal postings, the KSA statement is a very important factor in filling those postings for which they are required. Click here for a sample KSA statement.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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